Frequently Asked Questions Answered on Rs 2000 new note. FAQs on Rs 500 note banned.

As you all know PM Modi takes a such decision which shakes the economy of India in one Night. At social media, newspaper and news channels the one thing is going on – Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes banned in India and New Rs 2000 note introduce. Such a decision in one night. Many people don’t know what is exactly going on and what they gave to do. So here are the answers by RBI to all some (FAQs) Frequently asked questions on Rs 500 & Rs.1000 note banned. So you can get answer of your all queries.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Question on Rs 500 & Rs 1000 note Banned

Question: Why 500 and 1,000 rupee currency notes are turned off?

Answer: circulation of fake currency in the country had increased. Common man because it seemed like the real fake security features were also able to copy. Counterfeit notes are to be used in anti-state actions were illegal.Counterfeit notes was used to hide terrorists and money laundering. Indian economy is cash-based economy, therefore the circulation of fake currency in the country was growing. To overcome this practice note are closed. 

2. Question: Now I will present how much of note?
Answer: The Bank and RBI To deposit the money, you will get value for money.  

3. Question: I would like to exchange your bank?
Answer: Rs 4000 cash from any bank can be removed, but that you have to have identity cards. For transactions above Rs 4,000, you will go to the bank branch, because it will be in your account transactions. If you go to another bank as well as bank account details of the identity card will have. Your money will be transferred through the electronic transactions.  

4. Question: Can I go to any branch of your bank?
Answer: Yes, you can go to any branch of your bank.  

5. Question: Can I go to any branch of another bank?
Answer: Yes, for transactions of over Rs 4,000 you can go to any branch of any bank. For this you will have to show their identity card and bank details. 

6. Question: Can I get cash in its possession all the notes?
Answer: No, only one person will get cash up to Rs 4,000. If you have additional money will be deposited in the bank account.  

7. Question: Do I need to be completed by 4000 rupees?
Answer: You have money in your account by check, electronic transaction, Intrnant banking via mobile phone bills, credit-debit card Pemant etc..  

8. Question: What if I do not have a bank account?
Answer: You can open a bank account at any time by giving the necessary documents.  

9. Question: Can I use your relative or friend Kabank account?
Answer: Yes, you can. But it will seek permission in writing from relatives and friends at the time of the transaction, the bank must demonstrate permission.  

10. Question: Do I have to go to the bank itself or do I send someone?
Answer: You have to be better than yourself. If you are busy giving its place to any other person can send permission in writing. 

The person you send has to have its own identity. His identity card and you can withdraw money with the authorization letter.

More Frequently Asked Questions – Question and Answer on Note go banned in India (FAQs)

11. Question: I ATM Can I withdraw money from?
Answer: It may take some time. ATM. Since the launch of Rs 2,000 per day until November 18th to November 19th, which will remove the limit will be increased to Rs 4000 per card.   

12. Question: Can I withdraw money against a check?
Answer: Yes, you are against the withdrawal slip or check out one day, but until November 24 to Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000 is a weekly limit. This limit ATM Including expulsion from Rs.  

13. Question: Can I deposit cash in the ATM machine or cash re-Saiklr I can put the money extracted from?
Answer: Yes, ATM Cash deposit and cash the money taken out of the machine can be re-inserted into Saiklr.  

14. Question: I am abroad, what should I do?
Answer: You place by any individual bank can send authorization letters. ID cards must be sent person. Both documents will be deposited at the bank your money.  

15. Question: I NRI I’m Ankarkok Personal accounts, what the money will be credited to my account?
Answer: You own your old notes Ankarkok Can submit to the personal accounts. 

16. Question: I am a foreign tourist, I would note that, what should I do?
Answer: you important foreign exchange of these notes may exchange 5,000. But you have only 72 hours to do so.  

17. Question: I Life Saving Madison, hospitalization or sudden emergency needs Tarvl fallen into what will happen?
Answer: You can make your old notes Pemant government hospital. Public bus or rail tickets from the railway station or the airport to buy air tickets in 72 hours, you can use the old notes.  

18. Question: What form of ID, I do things?
Answer: Depending on the card, driving license, voter ID Card, passport, PAN card, NREGA card, identity card given by government departments, public sector companies can be used to identity cards.

So find the answer to all your frequently asked Questions (FAQs) on Rs 500. Rs 1000 So must share the post.

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