Flipkart affiliate program the one of the easy way to earn money online. Are you looking to find a complete post for how to earn money with Flipkart affiliate? So today is your search is over here is a complete post by which can earn unlimited money online. Also, I am sharing some tips and tricks to increase your affiliate earning by Flipkart. This post is for both users who already have affiliate accounts and also for those who are new to this topic. So let’s get started from the beginning.

What is Flipkart Affiliate Program & How to Earn Money Online by Flipkart Marketing

If you are a beginner to affiliate marketing. I will tell you all about depth about the Flipkart affiliate marketing program which already helping many people to earn money online.

What is Flipkart affiliate program?

“The one of the top e-commerce website of India Flipkart.com offering uncountable products to their customers at great discounts and offers. ” But have you ever know how they become too much successful? the one of the reason is their good affiliate tactics. Many online sites and people working from home which is helping them to spread their products all over the internet. In Flipkart affiliate program you become their advertiser and refer their products to your friends, relatives or use other methods like creating your own blog. If the person you refer buys a product you will get commission according to the price of a product. So I think you know the answer to the above question.

How to earn money with Flipkart affiliate Program?

So but how you will earn just by sitting from your home. I think you all know about refer and earn system. You just have to share products or App of Flipkart with your friends, relatives or by other sharing methods. If your friend buys a product which you refer to him. You will get Rewarded with 5 to 6% of the price of the product which your friend buys. Is it not look tough? If you do affiliate marketing with good tactics you can earn a lot of money.

Let’s Get Started with Flipkart Affiliate

  • First, you have to Create your own Flipkart affiliate account <Link>.
  • Now fill the form with your Email id and password.
  • After that check you mail inbox, you will receive a verification mail from the Flipkart, Click on the verification link to verify your Flipkart affiliate account.
  • Done, Now login with your email id and Password.
  • After getting successful logging into your account you have to complete your account details to get started to earn money from Flipkart affiliate program.
  • Fill the form completely with valid information.

Setting up your Website Information

  • If you have your own website which offers products like our website. You can also connect it to your affiliate account.
  • Click on Website Information tab in your account Information.
  • enter your website Url, Choose a category of your website and fill other information about your site
  • You are done. If you want to avoid again and again adding your affiliate link you can install API package. Just click on API installation option in left menu and do all the procedure and activate Flipkart Affiliate Program in your site.

Setting up Your Affiliate Payout Information

  • Now hover to the payment options.
  • Enter your PAN card number, Original name on Pan card.
  • If you want to receive your payment as Gift voucher select the Gift voucher option or want to receive in bank choose another one and enter your bank related information.
  • Great Now you have completely set up your affiliate account. Cheers Up !! and Scroll to making your first affiliate link and continue to earn unlimited money from Flipkart Affiliate program.

Creating Flipkart Affiliate Links and Some Useful Tricks & Tips

Now go to your Affiliate dashboard.

You will see two blanks in which one of is a Flipkart App download link which you can share and Earn Rs 25 for each install and also Rs 40 if someone clicks on your product affiliate link and download app from the product page.

Creating your Affiliate Links 

To create your Flipkart tracking Link paste any product link in the dashboard of your account and it will automatically convert into an affiliate link. Now share it on your website or Facebook or message manually. If someone clicks on your link and buy the product you will receive commission according to the price and product of category. Click here here to find details of Commission of different products categories.

Now I think you have enough information about Flipkart affiliate Program so that you can now become a Flipkart advertiser and a pro affiliate marketer


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