Amazon Cadbury Offer, Celeb Message Sending offer free Amazon gift card. Hi Friends today we are came up with a loot offer by the Cadbury came up with a loot offer which was giving unlimited Amazon Gift Vouchers to users for just sending the SMS to the given number and you can grab unlimited gift vouchers by sending the sms and hurry up and send the sms to the below number and get the vouchers and that you can use the vochers at the payment page and only one coupon can be used for the one account. So Hurry up.

Amazon Cadbury Offer • Free Gift Card by Sending Message (CELEB)

  1. Go to your Messaging App.
  2. Write CELEB XXXYYY all letters should be in the upper case.
  3. In the first 3 letters XXX write the random letters like – ABC, XYZ and any another. (Personally Tested use this series – XNN • KZZ • KXX • XNP )
  4. From the last 3 letters YYY write the random numbers like 346, 879 or any random etc. (Most probably use number which contain number 3 like 337, 339 they are mostly working in most series)
  5. Now enter the number 9223008585 and send the message.
  6. It is based on your luck for getting the Coupon.
  7. If you get the message as Code is Invalid try again and again to get the coupon.
  8. If you have Jio you can loot unlimited gift card by sending free message otherwise you recharge with special SMS coupons otherwise you will recharge.
  9. You can use these coupon one time in every Amazon account old or new.


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